Radio Africa

The main focus of this piece talks about the album Radio Africa by popular music group, Freshlyground, bringing attention to the repeated acts of corruption and mismanagement that have plagued South Africa for far too many years. People are able to learn through the medium of music and how it can be used as a social commentary on current issues. This ties in with the theme of education, because as we see from a young age, the aid of a rhythm or beat can make the learning process more worthwhile for some.

The Internet Turns Us Idle

The main focus behind this article is to find the answer to whether or not current generations are becoming lazy, with regards to their education, because of the access to information online. In this ‘New Generation of Education’, most students have access to internet and millions of online sources majority of the time and so it is without doubt that many students use the internet to find information for their assignments, but to what extent and at what cost to this generation?

Let’s Talk about Quiet Time

Society has morphed into an comfort zone for extroverts which has left introverts dangling off the edge of a cliff. Today’s education system is a microcosm of this, too often the quiet kids who never raise their hand in class are forgotten. Instead those who are outspoken and energised in social environments end up overshadowing the more introverted students. In this feature article, I argue that the current education system does not accommodate for a range of personality types and instead favours the ‘ideal’ extroverted student. I draw on research to provide solutions to this problem and put forward an initiative for change, in this new generation of education.

“Yeah, I Enjoy Dick”

Conversations about intimacy and physical relations through discovering Sexuality. People talking openly about their own experiences sexually. Sexual orientation and experimentation, we talk about a lot.

“Those Meddling Kids” got away with it

When I hear music, I don’t just hear sound. I hear the passion behind the lyrics and the hours of grafting in the studio to create a masterpiece. Music is an art form that provides listeners with an enlightening experience from which we can learn. We learn from the lyrics, from the beat and from the rhythm, we learn from the artists themselves. With this review of Shortstraw’s “The Meddling Kids” I want to recognize the educating power that this music has, right here in our very own South Africa.

Fear in the Life of the Illusive Black

A 1st year Physics student at a South African university wakes up delirious after an enduring drinking binge. As the hangover sets in he begins to question his education and what true meaning institutionalised education could bring to his life.


Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you. Some choices we regret, some we’re proud of, some will haunt us forever; the message is ‘we are who we chose to be’. The decision I made, although it may seem small now, changed my life for the better. To have options within our education, is something we should be extremely grateful for. To a large extent, we have the power to control the outcome of our future through the choices we make today. This article reflects the importance of options within our education, and how we have the ability to make our own decisions, without fearing the judgement of others and only looking forward to the changes that will come.

The Role of Perspective

Although essentially a descriptive piece of writing, the title accurately describes the focus of this piece of writing, this being “The role perspective plays in interpreting the space in which we find ourselves.” The piece follows Paige as she walks through the grounds of Rhodes University explaining, interpreting and feeling her surrounds as she goes. Through the process of the transect walk it becomes clear how each person’s unique experience of life has such a great influence on their connection to, and perspective of, the world around them. Understanding and accepting this forms a vital part of learning to live peacefully and constructively; an education with the purpose of creating a cohesive, considerate world.

Prisoners Album Review

It has been proved that music influence humans in a good way. If you don’t listen to reggae, perhaps you have not had the opportunity to give an ear to one of the most powerful genres. Reggae relates to news, social gossip and political comment. Most of all music makes us relax and be in a state of peace.

Memory Lane

The point of this article was to establish how individuals different past experiences and lives can create meaning in various places where others would not think twice about noticing.

I did this by describing in detail the environment in which my partner and were in, and then explaining the significance it had on his life for various reasons that are revealed within the article.

This article relates to the blog theme because it demonstrates how peoples past experiences and stories can teach other individual’s life lessons, which is a form of education. It also relates to the topic because it shows how experiences out-side of school can influence individuals and their lives, however not in the traditional sense.

A child no longer

A personal story which most probably should come with a trigger warning, but doesn’t. Missing school but learning something more valuable than a classroom could ever teach. This could at first be seen as a story demanding despair, pity, shame and judgement however that couldn’t be further from the truth. From within the walls of a psychiatric clinic, a world class education is given and one which the world too, should learn from. Growth and understanding, discoveries and realisations are made through coming to terms with the experiences and hurts of life. If you do not wish to experience growth, even if it is uncomfortable and at times seemingly unbearable, do not open your mind to learning from lived experiences – here is your trigger warning.

Black Girl Unrestricted

Self-love comes as a prerequisite for leading a happy life. Educating yourself more about yourself is such a beneficial exercise as through the process you learn to love yourself as you are. You learn that there is more to life than striving to fit other people’s ideals of how you should be. This education story propels the notion of self-love and admiration in the form of a personal account of ‘breaking free’. Social media is a relative element to establishing ‘a new generation of education’ due to the the fact that using media platforms to educate oneself is a strikingly new and effective way of educating others as well as for the purpose of personal growth as illustrated in this article.